Litter picking at Pilots Wood

On a perfect sunny June evening, six RJ Power volunteers set off to the woods! Armed with litter pickers and bin bags, they were keen to clear as much rubbish as possible, which would be harmful to wildlife and the natural habitat.

The Litter Pick was organised by the Company’s Evergreen Power Team as one of their initiatives to help the environment and community. Not far from our Polhill offices, there are many areas of invaluable natural beauty, greatly revered by the Kent Wildlife Trust and loved by the local community – it’s imperative they are protected for future generations.

Pilots Wood is a magical place, full of magnificent trees and plants, and home to many woodland species. Although it’s close to the road, in most parts it feels a world away. Walking through the pathways and trees, picking up litter as we went, brought back childhood memories of camp-building. At the edge of the woods was the beautiful Polhill Bank, with spectacular views all around.

A few of the team came across a field of friendly horses and foals when taking a slight detour! All met back at the office, having collected five heavy bags of litter (a mixture of plastic, metal and miscellaneous items).

After a productive and enjoyable couple of hours in the country air, the volunteers went home a bit weary, but with a feeling that they had made a difference…

About Evergreen Power Team

The RJ Power Group’s ‘Green Team’, now called the ‘Evergreen Power Team’, consists of members of staff from all businesses – RJ Power Group, RJ Power Rail, RJ Power Networks, RJ Power Connections and RJ Power North. The team’s purpose is to:

  • Drive environmental/sustainable initiatives and awareness for all businesses
  • Arrange and encourage volunteer events in the communities around our offices and work sites
  • Support and raise funds for nominated charities including The Red Sky Foundation, The Maypole Project, The Air Ambulance Charity, The Railway Children and WWF

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