Our Clients select us as their partner in ICP of choice, because we offer a faster, more flexible and cost-effective service for new connections and related power services, without having to rely on DNOs. RJ Power Connections work closely with IDNO (Independent Distribution Network Operators) to provide adoption of our Clients assets, thus providing financial benefits in return, or more flexible technical solutions.

When planning commences for a new or expanding commercial or industrial facility, timing is everything. Delays to project scheduling can prove extremely costly, which is why we pride ourselves on providing highly responsive support to clients in this sector.

Our experienced electrical engineers specialise in both high and low voltage distribution systems, and we can provide all relevant services in house, without the need for subcontracting.

Developments are often in remote locations with limited access requiring expertise in planning, design and project management. At RJ Power Connections, we pride ourselves in delivering connection solutions that meet our Clients requirements.

Our services

We have experience of working on numerous commercial and industrial power projects throughout the UK. We offer a full suite of electrical infrastructure services, for your project:

  • Design
  • New connections
  • Cabling & jointing
  • Containerised solutions for time-sensitive or space constrained sites
  • Switchgear & transformers
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Service, full maintenance and project hand back

In addition, we are also able to deliver an entire project from start to finish, providing a fully managed project solution from project feasibility through to energisation and adoption.