RJ Power Group of companies strive to provide training and development that meets the needs of our people, aiming to achieve this in the widest sense and the most adventurous way possible.

Our training, whilst structured and logical – to make it appropriate and measurable – is also innovative, enjoyable, ethical, and responsive to meet the objective of increasing expectations of our people and also our customers and supply chain partners.

We consider three fundamental areas:

  • We focus on emotional maturity, integrity and compassion, as these are the characteristics that really matter;
  • We look to develop the person, not just the skills and knowledge;
  • We give our people choice.

RJ Power Group of companies wants to make a difference to our people and not only impart the essential skills and knowledge, but most importantly focus on facilitating learning and development for the person, beyond ‘work skills’. This helps them grow and develop for life, identify, aspire to, and take steps towards fulfilling their own personal unique potential.