Capacity managements primary good is to ensure that information technology resources are right sized to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner.

The capacity market will ensure security and stability of supplies by providing a payment for reliable sources of capacity, alongside electricity revenues to ensure energy is delivered when needed. RJ Power Connections have vast capabilities and experience in helping to balance supplies and demands to the UK grid to working with developers for options within import, export, STOR and triad services.

Our capacity management services include:

  • Grid/Network connection applications
  • Design, procurement and installation of new connections
  • Design and supply of networks with embedded generation
  • Design and supply of solutions that facilitate the stable, continuous and optimised flow of electricity
  • Groundworks, including all civil engineering and construction works
  • Cabling, jointing, switchgear and transformer works
  • Full project management
  • Containerised solutions
  • Network operations
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Full Maintenance and project hand back

In addition to these services, our electrical engineers can provide a full managed solution and a single source of warranty for your project. We deliver a fully risk managed project covering the entire scope of works – from feasibility, through to design and project handover and offer full on-going maintenance – which helps to minimise project delays and is extremely cost effective.