RJ Power set the Gold standard

Employee development, workplace culture, engagement and wellbeing are at the very heart of everything we do here at RJ Power. To this end, our HR department have spent the past 16 months working closely with an Investors In People assessor in a drive to obtain an IIP accreditation

With the process now complete after a comprehensive independent review, we are delighted to announce that RJ Power have been awarded Gold Status by Investors in People. This is a huge boost for the business and a glowing reflection of the impact our culture, attitude and principles have on engagement, satisfaction and development – and, in turn, underpins the high standard of work we produce, proving engaged employees make all the difference to our clients

‘I was confident we would achieve IIP status thanks to all the previous work directors and employees have done over the years on building a forward-thinking business. To have been awarded Gold Status, however, was unexpected but fantastic,’ remarked Head of HR Darren Stevens

Darren worked closely with Investor In People’s Gary Inman for the duration of the assessment, who commented, ‘It’s striking how positively people compare working here to anywhere else they’ve worked.’ Amongst the IIP feedback, it quoted: ‘A strong core commitment to valuing people and investing in them has been a powerful foundation on which to build more structure. Both the strengths of the core values of the business and a cycle of improving how that plays out have fed into a great assessment outcome.’

We extend huge congratulations to Darren and his team for navigating this rigorous process.

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