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C138424 Power Supply Extension (PSE) Phase 2 – Plumstead Sidings

RJ Power Group, having successfully completed previous works for Phase 1 of the Power Supply Upgrade Project for their client BCM Construction Ltd, were awarded Phase 2 of the project to Install, Test and Commission new High Voltage (HV) feeder supplies.

The works in preparation for the new high-powered rolling stock on the North Kent Lines serving London, commenced in January 2014, which also formed part of a huge Network Rail initiative to renew much of the life expired electrical assets serving their network.

“I don’t usually contact RJ Power directly, however, I felt it important to mention your team for recognition this morning whilst attending a meeting on site at Woolwich Dockyard.

There are a few issues with the actual routing of the HV Cabling on the site and the methodology for terminating, containing and commissioning. We had a lot of input from your guys (Steve Amos and James Cavill) and they have come up with a suggested strategy that would suit all involved.

Not to mention reduced risks to the UKPN Team whilst they are working on site installing the containment and finishing works on what can only be described as a very congested site of works.

I won’t get into the details of their suggestion, suffice to say that both James and Steve had a very pro-active approach and made sure their focus was on reducing risk in regards safety and programme with efficiency as well.

Please pass on my thanks for their pro-active involvement and efforts to produce quality work with safety of everyone in mind.

Jamie Duffy, Construction Manager, Network Rail, IP Southeast

Project Deliverables

RJ Power Group in conjunction with their client, provided a risk assessed solution to fully install, test and commission, the necessary HV requirements for the project. These encompassed:

  • Sheath testing HV cables
  • Jointing HV cables
  • Jointing Pilot cables
  • Terminating Pilot cables
  • Installing Pilot Boxes
  • Terminating into Pilot Boxes
  • Pressure testing jointed HV cables
  • Testing Terminated Pilot cables
  • Terminating HV cables into switch gear
  • Earth Testing of Substations
  • Isolating and Earthing Substations
  • Purging oil filled cables
  • Locking off oil tanks
  • Cut and Capping HV cables
  • Taking switch outs of Feeders
  • Removing redundant Hot Splices
  • Pressure testing final Installations
  • Commissioning new Feeder into service
  • Collating Handback documentation for client
  • Submitting Documentation to Network Rail

Challenges & Solutions

RJ Power Group were faced with a number of challenges in respect of access. The site, located on the North Kent Lines and electrified by a 750v DC third rail, was further challenged by works having to be completed through a series of tunnels. Careful project planning was required prior to works commencement, to ensure that activities in these locations were sufficiently understood.

Much of the installation works were restricted to midweek night possessions, where usually no more than two hours clear working time could be given. RJ Power Group therefore, maximised the use of these short possessions by meticulously planning their activities in connection with their clients works and also the activities of other third parties.

Knock-on effects from other parties employed in the Crossrail project at Plumstead sidings were also effectively managed, with RJ Power Group providing additional resource to attempt to minimise the inevitable disruption that it caused.

Throughout the works, RJ Power Group had to share access and their worksite locations with other parties. It was important therefore to attend regular planning meetings, with both their client and other parties, to pro-actively provide workable solutions for all involved. This flexible approach also helped others to achieve their project priorities and kept the programme moving forward.

During the works, it was necessary to flex RJ Power Group’s considerable workforce. To support this ongoing requirement, RJ Power Group increased much of their workforce, by mentoring less experienced team members, which provided a platform for these staff to grow, and ensured that the necessary additional resources were in place during the enforced project peaks.

Although, much of the works were re-programmed and re-sequenced, RJ Power Group managed their works effectively to ensure that the impacts to the project completion were minimised. Despite this, the end user – Network Rail (NR) –still insisted that project commissioning at the end of 2015 had to be achieved. RJ Power Group had to provide an innovative solution to meet this objective.

By liaising with a third party – UK Power Networks Services (UKPNS) – who were converting a Traction Parrelling (TP) Hut in the middle of the site at Woolwich Dockyard, RJ Power Group developed a novel solution to joint the feeder cables within a safe area of the UKPN compound. This ensured that the feeder was commissioned to meet NR’s requirements, and allowed UKPNS to continue unaffected with their TP Hut conversion.

The Benefits

Flexibility and the willingness to adapt to other parties requirements were RJ Power Group’s lasting legacy to this project.

A key understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of their works with other third parties enabled RJ Power Group to assess and re-sequence their works for the benefit of both their client and the ultimate end user.

Having a highly resourced internal team, allowed RJ Power Group to increase their manpower with suitably qualified personnel, kept the programme moving forward despite the project disruption, and allowed for a successful commissioning, with zero defects.

With an established relationship forged from previous phases of works with their client, RJ Power Group, were able to effectively manage all commercial matters as the works progressed. This showcased the benefit of RJ Power Group’s collaborative approach to delivery contracting, and of an organisation always willing to go the extra mile.

About Us

RJ Power Rail Limited is a Full Trackside Principal Contractor to Network Rail and provides power engineering services for the rail industry. Its expert team has decades of experience covering all aspects of electrical engineering within high voltage electrification systems, traction power and industrial low voltage distribution systems across various regions within the UK.

RJ Power Rail Limited shares our clients’ objectives in how we conduct ourselves and our business, which has allowed us to develop long-term relationships with both Network Rail, TfL and several Tier One contractors.

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